Top night clubs of the world
There are many ways to have great time. Modern gilded youth mostly prefers different parties and night clubs. The most famous and visited night clubs have to be the best, with first-class music, the best DJs…


How not to get acquainted in NightClubs
We are all young - beautiful and go to nightclubs. Someone is dancing the night away, sipping some cocktails at the bar, chatting with old friends, and someone familiar with the opposite sex. In general, relax,…


Acquaintance at a nightclub
Friday night or Saturday, most typically spends in some drinking place or nightclub. Way popular and beloved. After alcohol, loud music, dim and beautiful young bodies of Russian girls on the dance floor can relieve…


Renova nightclub

Renova nightclubIn this nightclub we monitor the quality of our products and to maintain it at a high level! From Monday to Friday our lunches will be a pleasant surprise for you its availability and variety of choice!

Japanese cuisine
To try Japanese food for the first time or once again enjoy their taste, visit our sushi bar in our night club and you will be pleasantly surprised at the choice of dishes, which we have prepared for you and your family! Continue reading

Night club … Prime club

Prime club - this is truly a religious institution a night club with a unique party atmosphere, a place which has become an integral part of the night life.Prime club – this is truly a religious institution a night club with a unique party atmosphere, a place which has become an integral part of the night life.

Throwing open its doors to welcome much later than other metropolitan clubs, Prime took quite a bit of time to quickly gain the appropriate authority and a firm foothold on the Club Olympus of our country! In the 2008-2009 season, he earned one of the five best nightlife in Ukraine according to Ukrainian rating And which year, justifying its name (Prime – then the first, the best), the night club organizes and conducts first-class parties and events. Continue reading

Most Open Air

Most Open AirMusical styles: Trance, Electro, DnB, Techno, Psy, Progressive, Schranz
Entertainment complex «The Most» safe to call the favorite summer vacation spot of alternative electronic music lovers.

This is a night club – just about the only place (except, of course, open airs and parties on prom-angle), where you can listen to high-quality drum `n` bass, vivid techno, fiery hard-techno, psy emotional and interesting minimal. Some call bridge the summer residence of the nightclub «Cinema Club» and it is difficult to imagine anything. Here you will find the same extraordinary characters and dive into the same atmosphere of positivity and good mood.

Night Club is located in a rather unusual, but very picturesque place – near the Park of Friendship of Peoples, Moscow under the bridge. Two dance floors, one of which – right on the banks of the Dnieper, bar, lounge chairs on the beach for those who are tired of dancing in the morning and went to the beach to meet the unforgettable beauty of the dawn, reed palm trees, reminiscent of the south, the sea and Kazantip … Continue reading

Sky Hall Club

Sky Hall ClubClub Sky Hall is designed for those for whom the rest – is the night, for those who like a strong, clear sound and high quality live music, beautiful women.

Sky Hall – this is not just a place where you can dance. Every night discos to think of ways and is unique in its kind. Organizers prepare entertaining programs, competitions, shows, and all so that the visitors were satisfied with the Sky Hall and again and again returned to our club atmosphere.

Here, the ideal conditions for all, regardless of age and occupation. For all those who need a change of scenery, to break away from friends and loved ones or simply to relieve stress and throw out the negative in our positive dance floor!
To do this in the club all conditions. The sound system installed in the Sky Hall, one of the best in Kiev, this 15 watt pure, properly rebuilt sound that will satisfy the needs of the most discerning clubbers. Continue reading

Forsage, Kiev

Forsage, KievDescription Forsage ClubMusical styles: Trance, House, Techno, Progressive

Since its inception, defining a clear goal for yourself to follow the latest trends in the music world, Dance Club «Forsage» began to rapidly grow and in no time became a favorite of many people.

One of the major internal trumps club is three independent dance floors with completely different music formats that can satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and clubbers, and ordinary music lover.
The main dance floor
The heart of the club «Forsage» – main dance floor (main dance floor). Place on the stage which three years were more than five hundred of famous DJs, concerts played over a hundred groups and performers, including Timati, Tomas N’evergreen, Ani Lorak, Green Grey and others. Words to describe what is happening at every party is impossible, it can only be felt, and felt himself to kilowatts of sound energy of everyone who is close to the dance floor, and watching the action taking place on stage. At the same time it can make 1,000 people – this is exactly the capacity of the main dance floor. Continue reading

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