A safe night clubs in Odessa?

russian sexy ladyTourist Odessa famous for its vibrant nightlife, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

The brightness of the dance floor on the beach, loud and cheerful company, energetic music – all our clubs attracts thousands of people. And many of them go into the night is not a pleasant emotions and cultural activities …
The epicenter of the club life of Odessa – Arcadia. The legendary beach so famous that even became the subject of jokes residents of the Russian “Somedy Club». Their dialogue, including on Russian girls of course, can not warm the heart of Odessa. Still, the flow of tourists in the summer of Arcadia continues.

“If you’ve been in Arcadia and was in a night club, it is equal to what was in Rome, and has not visited the Colosseum” – says Piero, dental surgeon, who flew to the conference of the Italian capital, – I even ordered a special hotels in Arcadia to close it then go after a night of festivities. ”
Indeed, many schools offer a quality holiday in Odessa. A huge number of clubs and restaurants open their hospitable doors to visitors. Only let not all and not always. Many clubs have strict face konrol. But can you feel safe even in the most famous clubs in Odessa?
In this context, we decided to do a little review of four popular clubs in Odessa, in order to know where you better go relax on a summer night, not exposing yourself trouble.
Maintain reputation
Night Club “beachgoers” – the place is empty and not the untwisted, but with a steady clientele. In this place there is a strict face control. Allowed only to those under 21 years and still has a decent look. Therefore the chances of finding a poor youth in the facility is reduced to zero.
In “beachgoers” dominates the Italian system: entry is either free or has a very low cost, but that’s a bar and a kitchen is much more expensive than the rest of the investigated institutions. And the drinks are bad to do here will not – cherished reputation. By the way, “beachgoers” attended by people who are well versed in the elite alcohol. In this place come to relax and unwind, but within decency. In particular, no one here to hunt for Russian women.
“When I come in” beachgoers, “that does not feel like some piece of meat, which looks at the half of the visitors. Also very pleased that there is almost not meet the Turks, who are very much in the clubs of Arcadia “- says a frequent guest nightclub.
Another advantage of the “beachgoers” – safety. Guards everywhere, they do not allow fighting and protect beautiful girls.
Our Odessa Babylon
It is quite another – the legendary “Ibiza”. It is known that many tourists even during the day running of the club sign pictures, only to show friends in which they visited a certain place!
Meanwhile, the “Ibiza” – perhaps the most blighted club Arcadia. This allowed almost everyone who looks beautiful and expensive. The guards often forget to ask about if the visitor 21. In addition, the “Ibiza” is visited by many foreigners, attracted by the beauty of Russian women and the opportunity to get acquainted with them: here and stick all in a row, maybe lucky?
Quite happy with this situation guest “Ibiza” Haladin: “In the summer I go to Odessa often and always come in” Ibiza “. I like the atmosphere here and a lot of beautiful Russian girls who are eager to get acquainted with the guys. True, there are quite aggressive, and a floor that can send, but when a good company, it’s kind of fun, and are not offended. ”
Meanwhile, the indisputable advantages of the club is a large area, a smiling staff and a very attractive decor. “Ibiza” has two large dance floor, pool, beautiful and comfortable tables, sofas. As a club famous for its well-known performances of “stars.” Prices are high and the input, and the kitchen and the bar. Although, as we can see, this is not the visitor’s scary.
Drama output
Club «Captain Morgan» earned the dubious reputation of being one of the unsafe places night Odessa. Among clubbers this place is known for its bad reputation, and more – dancing on the bar.
Prices in the “Morgan” is very attract visitors. Often the club arrange discounts at a cocktail or drink up to 50%, which is very attractive to visitors. However, such parties may eventually lead to a fight, as young people often do not calculate their potential and “sorted out” with alcohol. It is known that in the disassembly and brawl «Captain Morgan» – is not uncommon. In this process, prefers not to intervene in the situation. And the consequences are tragic. So, New Year’s Eve 2012 in dismantling outside the club suffered a guy who later died from severe head injuries.
“When I told friends about the murder, I stopped going to« Captain Morgan », and that in fact is scary for her life. You can be in no way guilty, just to get under the “hot hand” and a drunken man losing his life. Odessa city great. There are other good places where one can safely rest, “- shares with us a former visitor to the club, who wished to remain anonymous.
Natalia, a very bright girl who haunts «Captain Morgan» says that not just because it started a fight at the club. “Yes, it was the case that two guys could not decide and began to beat each other for me. What’s funny, protecting their simple conclusion on the street and left, not even trying to prevent a fight. ”
But sometimes in the club and you can relax. For example, in a small lounge-rooms. The club regularly play Odessa DJs, but these concerts are held here often.
Particularly strict protection
Pub Club «TRUEman» famous for live music, concerts Odessa artists and adequate public. The same pub at the center of Odessa, which is very attractive guests.
Minus, which can be identified – the strange behavior of protection. So many complain that there are no criteria by which security chooses who to let, and who not. According to one of the visitors, the protection of the club openly respond poorly to visitors and can spoil the mood of the party from the beginning.
And in «TRUEman» is a box where you can put your things, but their safety is monitored poorly – frequent loss. “Security does not admit and is close to the box, explaining that you can steal other people’s things. And you have to stand up and prove that you are taking exactly the bag. Locks could think of, and then everything is open, only the guards stand “- complains Tom, who attends« TRUEman »infrequently because of these inconveniences. Many visitors also noted that due to the large gathering of the public in the halls of the club is very smoky and sultry. At the same time, «TRUEman» draws its prices, a peaceful and relaxing holiday, it is very rarely seen a fight.

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