Acquaintance at a nightclub

russian womanFriday night or Saturday, most typically spends in some drinking place or nightclub. Way popular and beloved.

After alcohol, loud music, dim and beautiful young bodies of Russian girls on the dance floor can relieve stress is much faster than any drug. But a lot of guys and ladies all Russian also not just meet at a nightclub, despite the relaxed atmosphere.


Anyone going to the club can be turned into a perfect evening. The main priorities – dating, dancing, alcohol.

Clubbers can be divided into 3 groups. The first group – those who come to the club off – drink, light on the dance floor, in a word, to walk in full. The second group in search of a random, one-time sex without commitment. The third group – those who come just to dance (no one said that sober, well, certainly not “fly off the rails”). Again, the separation of purely conventional. During the holiday the “interests” may change.

How to get acquainted with Russian girl in a nightclub

Seducing girls in the night club begins with good humor and a smile. Here people come off and forget about everything, so no mental anguish and suffering person. Relax, be calm and confident in yourself. Tune in to internally cool evening and think only about the upcoming holiday. Even if it does not meet with some Russian beauty or knowledge is not a goal, a good mood will help remove accumulated tension.

In the matter of dating important – is the inner attitude and turn-based strategy. Guys, well-read man’s gloss and adding a personal experience, know a couple of tricks, how to get acquainted with the beauty in the club. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Russian girls do not like nice guys. Deliberate desire to please and be a good boy, girls are not catchy. Ladies prefer the bad guys, and nothing can be done.
Masculinity. If the ladies do not like nice guys, so they like the courageous. This concept should not be understood as “bullies” or overcrowded testosterone Moors. Masculinity – a set of unwavering confidence, a great sense of humor and personal charm. This guy bit defiant and arrogant, but at the same time it is quite courteous and considerate.
“Grandstanding.” No need to deliberately show how much you want to please a Russian woman. This is usually tired girl. Proceed by contradiction. Communicate with the other girls in the club, show interest in them. First, if you do not get to you like a Russian beauty, around full of ladies are not worse than it, and if the object of desire overshadows all others, is open communication with the others make her jealous. If you come to the club by, the environment also plays on the hand. Open communication with friends and dancing girls will help to create the desired effect and the beautiful strangers.
Excessive sexuality. Most guys openly demonstrate their sexual desire even after 15 seconds of acquaintance. Even if it is configured for one-time sex, the pride and the desire to “hunt” on, she would send such a bugger. But the guy who shows interest in her as a person and his interests are much more likely to be in bed with her. For him, the end result is fundamentally important, he wants to, and most importantly he can, enjoy every minute of rest in the company of a charming young lady.

What to expect from dating club

Meet at the club is much easier than any other public institution. The atmosphere. But make no illusions that in a night club to meet someone for a serious, long-term relationship. You can, but it’s the exception rather the rule than the rule. All that “tied” by alcohol, usually “undone” in the morning sober. This does not mean that the club is essentially impossible to meet adequately the person with whom you can have a good time. But if the goal is, for example, marriage, you will certainly not in a nightclub. In this matter, the main thing to understand what exactly you are looking for the evening and, if possible, get it.

Security in a nightclub

Do not want to see the following recommendations were like sermons constantly anxious parent of a teen, but of common sense in this still exists. Media excitedly talk about dating in the clubs that end terrible things. Clearly, such a situation does not happen with everyone, but it does happen, and quite often. How can you best protect yourself from this?

If you – a girl, but still beautiful, do not go to a nightclub alone. Whatever the motives for a walk alone you are – all-time friends, complex amidst beautiful girlfriends or any other things, give up such a campaign. A beautiful single young lady behind the bar will attract so many uninvited “butterflies”, which no longer will be glad so much attention. You never know whose son will be another handsome, treat yourself “Martini”, and that he would require for such a nice gesture. It is clear that petite girlfriend model does not save you from the hordes of “hungry” to love party animals, but rather even aggravate the situation, but it is important to bear in this situation at least some ally. Even if the girl is different enviable adventurism and a black belt in karate, it will not protect it from possible problems. Therefore still the best solution – to bring friends, or better, and a couple of male friends.

If we decide to relax solo, you do not draw attention to yourself too obtrusive. Do not abuse the makeup and provocative outfits. Relax, but do it quietly and without much “show performances.”

A lone man in a nightclub and more adequately perceived probability of finding adventure has less. If only he did not overdo it with alcohol and decides to show everyone how to hang out. In such a case, and he “adventure” are guaranteed.

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