Bring the girl in the club: the main rules.

russian girlsOne of the best places for dating with Russian girls – night clubs: how to deal with the ladies in the hot spot, a professional pick up artist knows for M PORT.

Do not know how to get close to you like a lady? Lead her to a night club – said the expert Kiev school pick up artist.

Club – this is probably the best place to explore the beautiful girls, along with bars. Very nature of the club means communication, flirting, dating, fun, and so on. After all, for these people there and walk. They want to get away from the hectic weekdays and relax in an atmosphere of alcohol intoxication and night. Night life, it is quite different and is different from the usual, everyday. In addition, the club is always full of beauties.
Clubs can be different for different levels of society. VIP from closed to student. Which club – and a public. Naturally, most good Russian girls – in the best clubs. As yet there are theme parties, which, respectively, have to look thematically. That is, if a club style party White Party, and you’re pinned in the black, even, though expensive, dress, and can not skip it.

In large cities, especially in the capital, there is no problem of choice of the club. There, on the contrary, it is necessary to have time to visit all the most hot spots, so you do not miss anything interesting – this is the motto of clubbers. Choose a club is for prosperity. For example, in Kiev, in addition to the hard face control, the entrance to the best clubs in the capital charge and the price ranges from 30 to 40 dollars. For a club to look the part, and that is expensive.

In the club two things are important. First – your social status and your position in society, and the second – your appearance and the ability to apply themselves. What’s that

If you’ve got an expensive club, the girls are well aware: you have to finance all right, that is, you are already going through a selection process. If you sit at a table, or you have a VIP-card, you all say hello, you know the name DJ, MC and administrator – it only tells you a frequent guest here, and that you have money.

Availability table simplifies seduction. You went to the club, he saw a beautiful girl liked and invited her to the table, and there you are communicating on any topic.
As the music plays loudly, and then she would have to cling to you to hear what you tell her to broadcast. And that is exactly what we need. VIP-zone, say, not the most budget option, but the most comfortable.

Club Zone
In good big clubs are always a few areas. That is, there is a dance floor, and there is a lounge area where you can sit to talk for life. It seems like the club and the music is playing, but not as loud and more intimate setting. Therefore, it is possible to meet a girl and move anywhere in the lounge, where you will continue to have their fellowship at a better level.

Like it or not, and the club – it is a serious item of expenditure. You can, of course, and without all this to do, talk to a girl at the bar and exchange contacts for future calls (why delay the process?). Or ask her to move to another, more comfortable place – to your home, for example. But since it is unlikely to immediately agree: for that you need to have good skills seducer.

Club – this is the perfect place to make new acquaintances with Russian beauties, if you already have the skills of seduction.

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