Miss World

Miss Ukraine.

The first competition was held in 1988 and has become one of the signs of the changes taking place in our society.Miss World

At the competition and around raged heated. All event seemed terribly exotic. Although, if you remember, delivered proven masters Ukrkontsert, it differed little from the equally proven and permitted TV contest “Come on, Ukraine girls!” – Wrote twenty years ago, Kiev journalist Anna Sheremet. Since then, and prizes, and participants, and spectators become different, beauty pageants have changed dramatically as well, as is our life …
In 1989, the metropolitan beauty contest held cooperative “Intermark,” and a year later, the initiative passed in the center of social and cultural programs “status.” From Kiev successfully represented Ukraine at the “Miss USSR” and outside the Soviet Union, and the organizers of the contest contact with their foreign counterparts.
In 1990 was founded the predecessor of the National Committee of “Miss Ukraine” – Directorate of the national competition “Ukrainian Krasun.” It was led by the chairman of the organizing committee Sergei Matyas and CEO Ian Mednikov. The first national beauty contest “Ukrainian Krasun – 91” was held on February 2-3 at the Culture Palace “Ukraine”. Continue reading

History of the contest “Miss World”

Contest «Miss World» – one of the most popular and rating annual show in the world.wall_20120820151832

Contest final is broadcast in 140 countries and a total audience of the project is about 2 billion people!
The contest “Miss World” – the official international beauty contest in the world. The beginning of the meeting is in 1951, when the London advertising agent company “Mecca” by Eric Morley was asked to come up with something original to promote ballroom “Mecca” during the British festival. E. Morley proposed a global beauty pageant, which was held under the auspices of a festival. According to the contest participants had to parade on stage at the entrance while the fashion bikini. The winner of the first contest “Miss World” Swedish representative Kiki Haakonson received a premium of thousands of pounds and the chance to appear on the pages of the British press.
It was the successful start for beauty contests.
Eric Morley and his wife Julia immediately registered firm for the competitions. Until his death in 2000 by Eric Morley led the Eurovision Song Contest, now this honorable duty passed to his widow, Julia. Continue reading

World-class beauty

russian modelClassic nineteenth century, said: “Beauty will save the world.”

The modern world has decided that before we take on such an important matter, beauty must go through a rigorous competition and get the appropriate title … Fifty years ago, a modest British company has decided to hold a festival to promote the new season of swimsuits.Magnitude is small, but really call it neither more nor less – “Miss World”. And suddenly all that believed in the name, that the PR company has become a bikini beauty pageant world scale. He began to spend every year, and in 1959 the first – broadcast on the popular all over the world channel BBC. Until the early nineties, the contest was held in London, and then decided, since I come from the beauty of the planet, why should the jury did not see the world? In 1992-1995, “Miss World” chosen in South Africa, the largest city in Sun City entertainment. In 1996 – in India, in the next two years – in the Seychelles, and then went back to the city where it all began.

Requirements for the contestant also changed over time. And at first almost the first place was not visual appeal, and unblemished reputation girl. In 1973, at the first American victory in the competition selected the crown as soon as it became aware of the scandalous behavior of beauty at home. A year later, the new “Miss World,” she was forced to abandon the title when information appeared in the press that she was a single mother. Then it was considered indecent. And in 1980 the winner of the prize for the defeat of Germany in the style of pictures of “nude” that do not even have been published: the queen of the world even suspicion in some adult should not fall! And until now, English competition is considered the most conservative and rigorous of all their numerous analogues, which are mushrooms grown on the planet. Continue reading

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