Night Clubs

How to dress to the club

pickupDear friends, as you will put on the club depends on 80% of your success.

According to studies, Russian girls in clubs appreciate it guys on appearance and clothing, and if you are dressed tasteless – you have no chance.
So how do you wear to a club that no one Russian lady could not stand in front of you? My answer – stylish, regardless of whether you are going to wear shorts or a dress.

Let’s start with the dress code. In describing the parties in clubs write cryptic words dress-code. Most often, it is understood that you have to look neat and clean, and no particular semantic value do not carry. Many clubs are not allowed in sneakers and clothes of sports style. A party may be subject, which should be followed, then the description of the dress code will be a note on the style of clothing.

In the clubs not wear jeans + shirt + jeans polo shirt + jeans, you can wear a suit or trousers with a shirt. On the one hand, you have to look seriously to show their independence, and on the other – not to be too boring. I do not recommend wearing a tie to the club. If you decide to include in your image, this accessory, the tie should be stylish and fit for your overall image. Continue reading

Why do people go to nightclubs?

russian sexy womenOn such a question a lot of people think every day.

This question is always on the Internet, even in the search engines is a word game in the top ten most requested today. Portals to the graph all of the night clubs exist in every city, even in the smallest. Why is that? After all, the old Russia was made to show themselves and to look at other, and there is a desire to feel free, happy, happy?Then came Friday, the working week is over, all the forces are gone from you, the thoughts in my head just how quickly relieve stress, which accumulate on the job.

The site looking photo reports of clubs looking for a poster and make your selection. Some of the people want outdoor activities, that is, loud music, a lot of people, and shows, fun, and some aggressive holiday – beer, football, experience for your favorite team, and there are some people who likes to sprawl on the couch , a water pipe, to dream of a beautiful Russian girl sitting opposite. Let’s go back to the portal by typing in the search bar at night clubs in Moscow, photo reports of clubs can be found this Russian lady, we just have to spend a little time and effort, but it’s worth it. Continue reading

Why do we go to a nightclub?

night clubHave you ever thought about what really makes you go to a club.

The reasons for this are different for each party-goer. Initial desire to relax and dance for a long time has progressed, but for someone regressed hundreds of themes and motifs. Definitely, one goes to the club for his own, everyone is looking for something for yourself.

Trying to understand the root cause of why I go to the club you can find something special about the self. Trying to analyze the reasons, to study himself, you know a lot, you can see what past and attention, it is not paid.

Many visitors nightlife goes to clubs, paying tribute to fashion. In our time, the media in popularizing the whole night life and club culture, youth television programs teach the younger generation: “Go to a club that’s cool …”, thus helping the club bosses to make money. Rather, it is a conspiracy by the government, which is trying to make a drunkard and corrupt the youth by facilitating in this way the manipulation of their minds. Movies also said club scenes. Logs are made from DJ gods and idols. Continue reading

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