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Renova nightclub

Renova nightclubIn this nightclub we monitor the quality of our products and to maintain it at a high level! From Monday to Friday our lunches will be a pleasant surprise for you its availability and variety of choice!

Japanese cuisine
To try Japanese food for the first time or once again enjoy their taste, visit our sushi bar in our night club and you will be pleasantly surprised at the choice of dishes, which we have prepared for you and your family! Continue reading

Night club … Prime club

Prime club - this is truly a religious institution a night club with a unique party atmosphere, a place which has become an integral part of the night life.Prime club – this is truly a religious institution a night club with a unique party atmosphere, a place which has become an integral part of the night life.

Throwing open its doors to welcome much later than other metropolitan clubs, Prime took quite a bit of time to quickly gain the appropriate authority and a firm foothold on the Club Olympus of our country! In the 2008-2009 season, he earned one of the five best nightlife in Ukraine according to Ukrainian rating And which year, justifying its name (Prime – then the first, the best), the night club organizes and conducts first-class parties and events. Continue reading

Most Open Air

Most Open AirMusical styles: Trance, Electro, DnB, Techno, Psy, Progressive, Schranz
Entertainment complex «The Most» safe to call the favorite summer vacation spot of alternative electronic music lovers.

This is a night club – just about the only place (except, of course, open airs and parties on prom-angle), where you can listen to high-quality drum `n` bass, vivid techno, fiery hard-techno, psy emotional and interesting minimal. Some call bridge the summer residence of the nightclub «Cinema Club» and it is difficult to imagine anything. Here you will find the same extraordinary characters and dive into the same atmosphere of positivity and good mood.

Night Club is located in a rather unusual, but very picturesque place – near the Park of Friendship of Peoples, Moscow under the bridge. Two dance floors, one of which – right on the banks of the Dnieper, bar, lounge chairs on the beach for those who are tired of dancing in the morning and went to the beach to meet the unforgettable beauty of the dawn, reed palm trees, reminiscent of the south, the sea and Kazantip … Continue reading

Named the best hotels in Ukraine according to Hospitality Awards 2012.
December 4 at Hotel InterContinental Kiev held a major event in the field of hospitality in Ukraine - national award Hospitality Awards, which determined the best players of the hotel market in twenty unique categories.…


How not to get acquainted in NightClubs
We are all young - beautiful and go to nightclubs. Someone is dancing the night away, sipping some cocktails at the bar, chatting with old friends, and someone familiar with the opposite sex. In general, relax,…


Queen-nerd Miss World
"Miss Universe" won an American but also European origin, it was the first time in 15 years. 20-year-old cellist Olivia Culp recognized as the most beautiful girl in the world. Second and third places were…