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best night clubs in Kiev “Forsage”.

ukrainian girlDance Club “Forsage” has long ceased to be just a club. This – the main item on the dance map of Ukraine.

Since its inception, defining a clear goal for yourself to follow the latest trends of the world music, dance club “Forsage” began to rapidly grow and in no time became a favorite of many people. One of the major internal trumps club is three independent dance floors with completely different music formats that can satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and clubbers, and ordinary music lover.

The heart of the club “Forsage” – main dance floor (main dance floor) – is the right place on the stage which three years were more than three hundred DJs from near and far abroad, played more than a hundred concerts of groups and performers, including Timati, Tomas N ‘evergreen, Ani Lorak, “Boombox” and millions of people gave artists their emotions. Words to describe what is happening at every party – is impossible, it can only be felt, and felt himself to kilowatts of sound energy of everyone who is close to the dance floor and watching the action taking place on stage. At the same time it can make 1,000 people – this is exactly the capacity of the main dance floor. Continue reading

Best nightclubs

night club ukraineEach resting in its own way, a modern golden youth prefers mostly different parties and club nights.

And the club have to be the best, with first-class music, the best DJs and relevant to all this artwork. Well, if a club meets the requirements, then there will be a corresponding contingent.

This means you can safely start a romantic dating and chat in full, coming off the dance floor and not being afraid to drop their status. And that just does not make a mistake in choosing the best club, FashionTravel was top most stylish entertainment of our planet. Continue reading

LUX PARTY «Love is the first time …” with a charming group of «REAL O»

On Saturday, December 1, at the popular nightclub KaruseL club party was held, at which compellingly acted young Ukrainian pop group «REAL O».

Four energetic and stylish girls, as part of the LUX PARTY «Love at first time …”, so brought the audience with songs that shook the club scene just by dancing. Guests actively singing your favorite songs of the band – “dress”, “I still love you,” “Emergency,” “I’d …” “Go away”, as well as other songs, while beating time with their feet.
All who choose to spend the evening in KaruseL club, from the very first seconds of love in a very charming and sexy girls – Lina, Regina, Alina and Ian. Singer captivated the audience with their beauty, charisma, professionalism and unbridled energy!
The girls were delighted with the audience and thanked for their support. Continue reading

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