Famous night club in Russia.

russian sexy girlBest night clubs in Russia.

Gaudi Arena club
Main dance floor of Moscow, the epicenter of the nightlife of the Russian capital. The project team was established in 2001, at the peak of interest in the mass dance event. At this time there arose a demand for roomy club site that can provide the audience the greatest comfort and maximum of the possible options for the club entertainment.Promotion group Gaudi became the first and, to date, the only team from Moscow, which has responded to these expectations of the public, opened in May 2005, the club with the largest dance floor in the city that can accommodate as many as 7000 people. For this project, has been involved truly unique place – an abandoned grain elevator in ten minutes from the historic city center. Total investment in the project amounted to $ 3 million. Thanks to well-conducted PR-campaign, the hype around the Gaudi Arena emerged long before the official opening of the club. As a result, even at the time of construction establishments, there were conducted several high profile attacks, undermining the city’s nightlife.

 Opera Club
The Opera Club was opened in the middle of summer 2006 for the club in a historic place in Moscow. In the early 90s of the last century “house of Culture. Lenin” This building has become one of the most popular night of Muscovites – club “Pilot”. This is where the nightlife capital. After closing the “Pilot” the building has undergone renovation and reconstruction. And after a while the doors opened one of the most glamorous and inspirational places in Moscow – club “Winter”.
After closing the “Winter” on the doors of the building hung door. But soon after the club Moscow rumors – something is happening behind the walls of the DC Lenin. More often among Moscow’s party began to leak information about the construction in the building, though in its depths arises a new project. It has become a sounding name – the Opera. And waited for the opening date is transferred more than once. We had to do a lot to surprise and conquer Moscow bohemia.
And now, 21 July 2006, the club held its first opera party.
Club in all its glory appeared before his first guests to see a two-level room with comfortable couches, a huge dance floor with a circular rotating bar in the middle, bioorganic scenery under the dome. And the pride of the club – a huge stage.
Club now rather more like a theater. This is no accident or incident. Club owners and promoters make accent on bright unforgettable performances and shows. Every party you witness all-new performances, shows, sets and costumes. Each event is unique, it may take one show at a club once. The club has its own ballet club, which provides support for each dance party and show. This club does not look like the rest of the night clubs of Moscow.
Theatre can not be without music and light, so do not forget to Opera. The club is equipped with powerful sound system and the most modern fixtures. Light shows the club has resonated as the guests of the club, and the professionals in show business. This is truly an amazing sight.
Club music format – a mix of commercial house-music and rhythms. For the music policy of the club carefully watch top DJ-and Moscow, which are regularly replace the stars of world club scene, DJ-and and musicians from Europe and America.
At present Opera Club is one of the few places where visitors not only dance and drink, and get aesthetic pleasure from what is happening at the club. Everything is so beautiful and unusual that each guest always leaves impressed. From visiting the Opera is a pleasant aftertaste, which causes them to come again and again.

Infiniti club
Real hip-hop club in 1000. By the way, this is where we are having a birthday, 5 years Funky Street!
Great, great night club. Strict face control (but still softer than the club Winter), the ticket price – 300 rubles, with no exceptions, and free you will not be allowed. Cheap bar, but if you want to put the glass on the table – it will cost $ 100 (count as dinner reservations).

Zeppelin was founded in late 1999. The club has collected every conceivable award including Night Life Awards: «Opening of the Year 2000″, “Best Club Promoter 2001”, “Best club project in 2001,” the best club program in 2002 “,” Best club project in 2003. ” Within the walls of the club performed a galaxy of stars such as Fatboy Slim and Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx and Darren Emerson, Sonique, Benny Benassi and Seb Fontaine and others. The club’s restaurant has become a prestigious venue to rock and pop artists: Emir Kusturica, The Tiger Lillies, Vacuum, Tonino Karotone Jeanne Aguzarova and “Mummy Troll” and many others. Within the walls of the club held various performances and theme parties. Among the guests of the club Zeppelin has always been possible to see well-known representatives of different areas of culture, sports, politics, business elite.
Over the years the club promotion group Zeppelin won the leading position in the organization of different in concept, but equally perfect organization and visibility of dance events with high levels, modern sound and light spectacular composition of artists and of course the famous club atmosphere Zeppelin. Behind the team five annual festivals FORTDANCE, two festivals Gatecrasher, which collect up to 50,000 fans of dance music, and become a traditional Halloween. The events that took place in 2004, collected a total of more than 100,000 people. Promotion Group Zeppelin happy events not only in Russia but also abroad – thundered throughout Russia and France Zeppelin party in Courchevel, incendiary holiday in Cyprus and Estonia, leaving the Cote d’Azur in Saint-Tropez. All the events were a great response not only in domestic but also the European press and a long time discussing the metropolitan public.
Zeppelin was a serious brand embodies a true vacation club, a unique party atmosphere, excellent organization, the names of the best dance and the most fashionable club audience in the middle of 2004 Zeppelin promoters decide to change locations of the club, continuing to hold the best parties in Russia and abroad for as Zeppelin Production.
Extensive experience in conducting large-scale entertainment events provided an opportunity to present the best Zeppelin Production company promoters. This is a strong team of professionals has an individual approach to each client, offers a full range of projects ranging from one-time events or tours to long-term contracts for brand development. Creative, design and implementation of innovative promotional concepts, scenarios and design for club shows, booking artists, technical and PR support, own effective security system, as well as full coordination with the administrative and security structures, positions Zeppelin production as innovators and experts in the field of organization activities of modern club culture of Russia.

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