Forsage, Kiev

Forsage, KievDescription Forsage ClubMusical styles: Trance, House, Techno, Progressive

Since its inception, defining a clear goal for yourself to follow the latest trends in the music world, Dance Club «Forsage» began to rapidly grow and in no time became a favorite of many people.

One of the major internal trumps club is three independent dance floors with completely different music formats that can satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and clubbers, and ordinary music lover.
The main dance floor
The heart of the club «Forsage» – main dance floor (main dance floor). Place on the stage which three years were more than five hundred of famous DJs, concerts played over a hundred groups and performers, including Timati, Tomas N’evergreen, Ani Lorak, Green Grey and others. Words to describe what is happening at every party is impossible, it can only be felt, and felt himself to kilowatts of sound energy of everyone who is close to the dance floor, and watching the action taking place on stage. At the same time it can make 1,000 people – this is exactly the capacity of the main dance floor.
The lounge bar / Pre-Party Cafe
Basic music format of the first floor of the club «Forsage» (Lounge Bar) is R’n’B. Every night, the tireless residents club become a DJ stand to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of style. In the daytime, becomes a cozy Lounge Bar Pre-Party Cafe – is a comfortable lounge for first-class pre-party vacation with total capacity of 200 people. Every night, from 18:00 to 22:00, with a cocktail in the cozy atmosphere you can enjoy the atmospheric deep house sets the heroes of Ukrainian electronic scene. Also visitors Pre-party Cafe offers special discounts on all kitchen and bar menu (up to -30%), and free entry to the night event.Forsage, Kiev
Museum of the History of Music
Basement club «Forsage» (VIP Dance Hall – Museum of the History of Music) with a capacity of 250 people each weekend, raising an army of fans styles Disco 80 and Euro Pop. Theme parties, shocking driving and show-ballets – all for a good holiday in the pleasant company, seven days a week.
Four times the best nightclub in Ukraine according to the portal of the main club of Ukraine

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best night clubs in Kiev "Forsage".
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