History of the contest “Miss World”

Contest «Miss World» – one of the most popular and rating annual show in the world.wall_20120820151832

Contest final is broadcast in 140 countries and a total audience of the project is about 2 billion people!
The contest “Miss World” – the official international beauty contest in the world. The beginning of the meeting is in 1951, when the London advertising agent company “Mecca” by Eric Morley was asked to come up with something original to promote ballroom “Mecca” during the British festival. E. Morley proposed a global beauty pageant, which was held under the auspices of a festival. According to the contest participants had to parade on stage at the entrance while the fashion bikini. The winner of the first contest “Miss World” Swedish representative Kiki Haakonson received a premium of thousands of pounds and the chance to appear on the pages of the British press.
It was the successful start for beauty contests.
Eric Morley and his wife Julia immediately registered firm for the competitions. Until his death in 2000 by Eric Morley led the Eurovision Song Contest, now this honorable duty passed to his widow, Julia.
Until the early 1990s, the contest “Miss World” was held in London, but in the years to its venue changed almost every year. Thus, in 1992-1995, “Miss World” was held in South Africa in Sun City, in 1996 – in Bangalore (India), in 1997-1998 – in the Seychelles, 1999-2000 – again in London.

Miss World2
According to the rules stay the participants in the run-up to the competition strictly documented and itemized by date and time (about 20 days). Beautiful women are under-clock security and access is restricted. 3-5 days before the competition come the director of national beauty contests, to see the final show and support their representative, with which they can be seen only in the presence of a representative of the Directorate “Miss World”.
2-3 days before the competition is conducted “Family Party”, which are usually invited director of national competitions, relatives and friends participating, participants themselves.
The final show of “Miss World” is on the competitive basis. Of all the beauties of the jury selects the first 10, and then 5 participants. Of the five finalists determined by the “Miss World” and two runner-up. At the competition also awarded special prizes for the photogenic and for sociability, as well as the most beautiful costume designer made specifically for the contest participants from their country. These dresses participants bring with them and show during one of the competitive output.
Belarus at the contest “Miss World”
The international beauty contest “Miss World” Belarus is involved since 2005.
So, in 2005, our country at Antropov represented by Olga, and in 2006 – Ekaterina Litvinova.
This year, participants from Belarus was Elena Aladko.
Elena 22 years old, she is a student of the History Department of the Belarusian State University. Today Elena Aladko stands firm face Brest «Papilio», which is engaged in sewing evening dresses fashion show at the competition.Miss World1
In modeling Aladko Helen was 14. She repeatedly participated in the High Fashion Week in Moscow, was shot for advertising companies “SERGE», «Papilio», «Nelva», «Bugalux», «Velcom», as well as jewelry “Crystal”. Photo shoot with Lena can be seen in the magazines FHM, MS, “Women’s History.” Elena Aladko participated in the national competition “Miss Belarus 2004”, where she won the title of “Miss Photo”.
We already know that in January next year Elena Aladko take part in a beauty contest “Miss CIS”. Interestingly, the competition organizers have chosen the girl on the casting of all the models presented model agencies in Minsk.
Elena growth 178 cm, the Belarusian beauty ideal model parameters: 90h60h90.
The contest “Miss World 2007”
Final international beauty contest “Miss World 2007” will be held on December 1 in the theater “Crown of Beauty” in Sanya (China).
During the festival contest participants will visit the sights of China, and also look at how the preparation for the Olympic Games in 2008. Contestants will be the first international delegation to officially visit the Olympic Stadium. During the period of preparation for the contest will be a lot of charity events, auctions, news conferences and receptions.
Festival “Miss World” will be held for one month, he will begin on November 2, when all the contestants arrive in Beijing, and will end on the final show 1 December – World AIDS Day, which will determine the most beautiful girl in the world. On the final show as special guests will attend the film stars, fashion business and the music industry.

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