Top night clubs of the world

russian girlThere are many ways to have great time. Modern gilded youth mostly prefers different parties and night clubs.

The most famous and visited night clubs have to be the best, with first-class music, the best DJs and stylish design. Well, if la clubs meets the requirements, then it will always be full of young elite and posh girls.

This means you can safely start a romantic relationship, hang out, dance on a dance floor without being afraid to lose the face. If you do not want to make a mistake choosing the best life nightclub, Fashion Travel has made for you the list of top hot spots of our planet.

The best nightclub of the world—Fabric (London)

The best night club, according to most fans, is in London. So the cream of British society, who regularly hang out here do not need to go far. It is incredible that this old area, where the awesome night club called Fabric is situated , used to be an abode for dregs of society. Yet tempora mutantur, which means times change. This night club is famous for being the only place in the world where you can literally feel the music with your whole body. It is made possible thanks to the vibrating dance floor, which has no analogues anywhere, and the low-frequency system bodysonis. It is no great surprise that such celebrities as Gorillaz, Massive Attack and Daft Punk come here not only to stay on the stage.

The Bed ( New-York)

The second best is a New York club The Bed. Nice name by the way, even with a hint or pretension to be a romantic place. So if you are invited into the bed, be careful not to refuse visiting the favorite club of Britney Spears. By the way many other American celebrities usually call into The Bed. The nightclub is unusual with its creative design, where you will see beds instead of tables and a delicious cocktails, which you will not have the chance to try anywhere else. If you have the desire to go to The Bed, be sure to book a table well in advance, because there is a great number of people who want to get there.

The Space (Ibiza)

The world famous party and fun place Ibiza seems to lost ground. The island where up till now, night life and night club fans from all over the world flock to is placed third. The best la clubs on this legendary Spanish Island is The Space. Why does it stand out among many other top-class clubs on this island? It must be because it works, even at dawn, when the rest of the island falls asleep. So if you can dance non-stop around the clock, and at the same time, would like to enjoy an unforgettable sunset and then a marvelous sunrise, this is the place.

Cocoon ( Frankfurt)

The most expensive club, but, as we see, not the most popular, is Frankfurt Cocoon. It was founded by a pioneer of German Techno Sven Fet. When finding oneself in the Ccoon, one is struck by the scale and limitless imagination of designers. 1200 people can be dancing here at the same time. The atmosphere inside evokes the feeling of being in another reality. Such effect is achieved through the white membrane wall surrounding the dance floor which reflects sound in a special way. Small structures in the form of cocoons present on the edges of the dance floor will allow you to escape from the deafening music and relax a bit. A number of these cocoons is very symbolic. There are 13 of them.

Buddha Bar (Paris)

When in Paris, one cannot help visiting the club Buddha Bar. It is not the place for crazy dancing and deafening music. In Buddha Bar one can enjoy excellent sushi and lounging in a comfy armchair, relax slowly, listening to Ethno lounge, sipping excellent cocktails. There is an impressive statue of Buddha, lost in contemplation, reminding visitors of the eternal. Thus a zest of the place is a truly relaxing environment, which is a brilliant idea of its creators. Perhaps that is why celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Sean Connery and George Lucas come here from around the world.

Escape (Amsterdam)

And in last place in the top is Escape, located in the city of freedom Amsterdam. It goes without saying that Amsterdam is one of the best places for adventures. So, if you decide to go there, be sure to visit the Escape. There is an amazing laser system there, and every Saturday a considerable number of young people from across Europe gather here to have a great time.

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