How not to get acquainted in NightClubs

We are all young – beautiful and go to nightclubs. Someone is dancing the night away, sipping some cocktails at the bar, chatting with old friends, and someone familiar with the opposite sex. In general, relax, socialize, get to know.

Certainly, the eyes of men turned to women, women to men, so I would like to write about how not to meet girls in nightclubs, as most of the initiative comes from the men.

First, the most common man’s mistake – a “grandfather” methods. Well for the phrase “your mother-in-law is not needed?” Or “girl, and the girl, and told you that you’re beautiful?” In 99 cases out of 100 the girl answered “no” and “speak. Goodbye. ‘. It is better to start dating with the phrase “Girl, I’m so familiar with your face … Do not you I’ve seen on the cover of the last issue L’Officiel?» The girl smiles, she was flattered and start up a conversation.
Second, do not be too headstrong and arrogant, it’s just annoying. Be cheerful, but not stupid, take a compliment, but it is not entirely trivial, think of something. “You have a beautiful figure” – STOP, “You have a beautiful emerald eyes” – excellent.
Third, you may not be stunningly handsome, but just a girl. And not just one. One has only to think of a way to do it. Remember the video of the “Beasts”, when the guy ran to the supermarket for strawberries to get acquainted with the beautiful stranger? Here is a great option. No need to be rude, if you are denied, you need to find another option to meet. Well, or find another girl, but the plan will necessarily change.
Also cause irritation and rash allusions to sex. Once, I wanted to meet with a young man of medium height (I was about 180-183 on their heels). After the “old-world” phrases he apparently went to his secret weapon, saying, “Girl, well, we’re all on the blades of the same height. So let’s continue the discussion where we can be on a par. ” I was just annoyed! And I thought to meet him, just so annoying.
Still want to mention grasping hands, the use of force, threats, etc. – Leave it to the gym with the guys! I know how about when you are threatened with a knife or a bottle. Immediately lock. And the state of alcoholic intoxication is not an excuse.
Well, that’s quite a bit of what I would like to share. Men! Be polite, intelligent, unusual, and every girl wants to have with you acquaintance.
P.S. To have a good meet and arrange their personal lives easy!
Visit a series of parties Boys & Girlsi bracelets issued at the entrance, this will help you.
GREEN – Yes, I love to meet new people.
Red – No other time.
Since men do not have to hear the refusal, as they will advance to see how beautiful the females to come and to which it is not necessary.
Good luck!
And believe, love will save the WORLD.

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