How to behave in a nightclub.

russian womenDance the night away in the nightclub – a very good way to relax.

Moving to the music, the man throws the negative emotions and filled with positive, to be prepared for the obstacles. But to join the crowd and the night club without being branded a Russian girl of easy virtue, we must be able to behave in such establishments.
Pick an outfit for going to the night club. This place is entertaining, but it is necessary to observe the limits of decency. To get into the club, you must meet the dress code. No need to wear a very short skirt or too candid cleavage. But a formal suit, of course, will not work. Stay in tight pants and a bright shirt or blouse with original inscription or drawing.

Dance, so unstintingly. In a night club in the first place people come to dance. Since the very loud music playing quietly talk is unlikely to succeed, therefore, being on the dance floor, direct all their energies and emotions in your dance. Feel free to move, it is not a dance competition. When a man is dancing from the heart, it’s always nice, not doubt yourself. If you are single, take prompt young people to slow dancing. It is possible that you will meet your destiny is in the nightclub.
Participate in competitions which offer masters of ceremony. Of course, before you go on stage, think, do you agree to the terms of the contest. Since the night club – no institution for children, contests may not be very modest and compromising. So if you’re not quite sure what the competition does not put you in an awkward position, better stay in the room and look at the members of the.
Know the measure in drinking alcoholic beverages. It is no secret that the bartenders at nightclubs offer a huge variety of cocktails. However, in order not to lose face and be of sound mind, it is better to regulate the number of drunk you. One or two cocktails is enough for the evening. Because in any fun yet important quality, not quantity. Spend time in night clubs, not forgetting that the holiday is over, and to save face is still important.russian girl

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