How to get acquainted with Russian girl in a nightclub

sexy russian girlsHow to get acquainted with Russian girl in a nightclub
Night clubs – some of the most common sites of acquaintances. Of course, met at a party, not always immediately determine what kind of relationship is possible with some Russian girl: in the evening or a lifetime.

In any case, it is an opportunity to spend time. Many Russian girls in nightclubs are friendly and open to communication. To get to know, do not spend hours walking around. Russian girl she too is free to come and get acquainted with the man. And this does not mean that she decided to get him his companions life. It is likely that she wants love and affection for one night.

Going to look for singles night, try to choose a club in terms of noise. If the place is too loud music – you will be hard to hear, and therefore not be able to talk. However, the noise is also not a hindrance, but a great opportunity to get as close to you like a Russian beauty, saying something in her ear. At the party, when you should be always a big smile and good humor. If you seduce a Russian woman, remember – in your life has never been and can not possibly be any problems.

Disco is a complex dynamic system, and you’re part of it. If you are a part of it inactive – that is prop wall, wait for favors from the fate however.

It is particularly important to smile when you first walk into the club. A lot of Russian women hold the door under scrutiny, looking for incoming guys. Remember, when you walk, your social status – a clean sheet, and you have to fill it with a good first impression of yourself. As soon as you come, tie a conversation with the first matching group of Russian girls or girls with guys who seem to be sociable. Do not look out for single girls, they are still there. This immediately creates the impression that you are friends. No matter how well or poorly glued conversation – most of the Russian girls will notice that you hang out with other women, and immediately gave you social value – because they do not know what you just got to know this fun company. Remember, girls assess social status for those people with whom you communicate. So, as soon as they see you talking to other girls, they immediately noted and will themselves be more open to talking with you. This is not a conscious process – they do it automatically, without thinking.

The conversation does not have to be smooth, all you’re doing – it increases their social significance. If the first group not happy with the communication with you, just turn to another group. Rather, they talk to you, because I’ve seen you talking to others. Can not you just join the get-together, saying, “Ladies, my friends were just talking about that. What do you think about this? ‘. The transition from group to group. Forty minutes later, these conversations, all in close proximity you will know that you – status people. They will think you are interesting, attractive, and just handsome. If so, you will create yourself high social value, it can already come to the most beautiful Russian girls in the club and say, “Give me your number,” she will.

What to do at the disco should not? First of all, do not look to the dance floor with a view of the martyr. The contemplation of the dance floor only generates negative social attitudes. Secondly, do not go round and round the club. You look lonely ordinary guy doing it. Also, if you have already created a positive status in one corner, then moving to the other side, only to destroy it. Third, avoid the noisiest places in the club. Find the quietest area in the club where the easiest to talk to and justify it. You do not want tore his voice, shouting over the deafening noise.

How, for example, to respond to the fact that the Russian girl, with whom you danced, and to which his eye, dancing with others? Everyone wants to reach the goal – it is reasonable. Dancing with a new guy, it initiates a new connection, if it will not do this, you may be left with nothing. By the way, you too can behave like this, it’s normal.

After this, can continue to pick-up? Naturally, if you need it. The problem here – improve its relationship with you, because, apparently, your desire is obvious. That is, we need to continue. To be the best, fit, fun, not paying attention to those with whom she had danced.

Can I dance with a few, and then meet with any one? This approach is consistent with the optimal and effective strategy in the disco. Do not forget that the disco – this is a very volatile system is not immediately clear who you go out there, so you must increase the number of connections, then there will be more opportunities to make decisions.

Reading the front of the monitor on the way to see in the night club, it is easy to feel confident and successful in their possible actions. But there comes a point closer to the reality of dating, the less the virtual certainty … If you do not want to dream, but to really learn and take away to his home with Russian beauties dance floor, then pick on practical training of the Academy of dating you in the real world under the control of special equipment will learn to professionally meet and seduce Russian girls.

How to behave when an unknown Russian girl did not want to dance? Correct behavior at the time, when you fail, it is very important for you and for the environment in which you are. Your response will determine your status. Right reaction can even give a hundred points more than the situation in which your invitation was accepted. Like all in the pickup, communication starts from the time when you’re still only goes up to a girl on the dance floor at the club, where they gathered to have fun all night. There are two styles: blunt and confident. General moment – in both cases you in any case do not ask permission.

You come up and just grabbed her, began to dance. If escape begins – hold (as the guests of the mountains), while trying to break her patterns. It probably will argue: “drop”, “I do not want to dance.” Your task: to overcome the resistance. You can cheer, custom actions can make it recognize your desire to dance with her. At this time, on 90% goes to the gallery, which sees you – a man and you’re not afraid. And most importantly – you’re attracted. And be sure that the rest of the girls, there are a few that are going to think, “God, what a man, how I wanted to be here just as rude, without asking, was seized and taken to dance” … If the resistance is broken – the first stage of the communication ended. If she continues to escape, but the non-verbal signs you sure she likes – Here. If still escape evil or frightened – to let go and laugh at her, winking with friends or those who looks at you. That’s it! You – the winner. Because condemnation environment will be on her, not on you.
Confident style. You come up to a girl, take her hand is strong enough to not break out immediately, gently begin to pull her to him and offers: “Let’s dance!” If she refuses – still holding the arm with one hand and gently hug the shoulder the other, and it is easy to start to talk, at the same time adapting. Some time later, when she realized that you’re a normal guy, already talking, draws her to him and you begin to dance. If you are still resisting – to continue the conversation, trying to get laughs smile interest trans and when it will be possible – leaving turn away. That’s it! You – old friends. Subsequently, it will be possible to the basement of her again.

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