indigo nightclub

beautiful girlsWe proudly present INDIGO: supernova ambitious nightclub!

Indigo – a unique natural color for a brief moment in time horizon painted sunset and sunrise. It borders the night – the other side of reality. The color of time, when we discard the shackles of everyday life and surrender to his desires and emotions.

One of our main requirements – the need for the pleasures that make life truly fulfilling.

In Kiev, a new ultra-modern project, which opens once all faces legal pleasures: gourmet, aesthetic enjoyment of music, expression, communication with interesting people, gaining freedom and independence.

Friends INDIGO – ambitious nature that get the maximum possible out of life and strive for the impossible. Anticipating expectations, we have provided an unusual a detached four-level building area of ??1500 m 2 all: the aesthetics and style, convenience and comfort, the best technical equipment, design furniture and even objects of contemporary art. In our wonderful world everyone can find something that you want!

INDIGO Karaoke Bar:

There are no facilities and conventions – this ensures a cozy atmosphere and chamber karaoke bar, where there is everything you need and much more professional system Evolution Pro with tens of thousands of popular songs, professional back-vocals and sound engineer, regular theme parties and tournaments, beautiful girls. This place is equally friendly, both to beginners and to these “stars karaoke.”

INDIGO Fresh Restaurant:

In our restaurant, preached the cult of extraordinary freshness, and it is expressed in everything: in the used products, recipes and methods of cooking and serving of meals. Our gastronomic priorities: greens, vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood. Edible flowers, elements of molecular gastronomy, chef elegant ideas – all this makes the banal process of eating is a gastronomic journey of discovery and excitement. Where you can go every day myself, but better – in the company of friends or the one who sincerely wants to please and surprise.

INDIGO Disco Club:

The highest point INDIGO – disco – both his heart the night. Special pride – our bar where professional bartenders create fiery and creative cocktails. Powerful crystal clear sound gives euphoria. In our night clubs waiting for you the best hits from the leaders of the world charts, extravagant performances, fashion-shows, regular parties with star guests and our talented residents. And most importantly – the heady atmosphere of lightness, joy and excitement – after all around you so many beautiful, positive, and free people. Become a member!

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