Miss Ukraine.

The first competition was held in 1988 and has become one of the signs of the changes taking place in our society.Miss World

At the competition and around raged heated. All event seemed terribly exotic. Although, if you remember, delivered proven masters Ukrkontsert, it differed little from the equally proven and permitted TV contest “Come on, Ukraine girls!” – Wrote twenty years ago, Kiev journalist Anna Sheremet. Since then, and prizes, and participants, and spectators become different, beauty pageants have changed dramatically as well, as is our life …
In 1989, the metropolitan beauty contest held cooperative “Intermark,” and a year later, the initiative passed in the center of social and cultural programs “status.” From Kiev successfully represented Ukraine at the “Miss USSR” and outside the Soviet Union, and the organizers of the contest contact with their foreign counterparts.
In 1990 was founded the predecessor of the National Committee of “Miss Ukraine” – Directorate of the national competition “Ukrainian Krasun.” It was led by the chairman of the organizing committee Sergei Matyas and CEO Ian Mednikov. The first national beauty contest “Ukrainian Krasun – 91” was held on February 2-3 at the Culture Palace “Ukraine”.

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It should be noted that while this was not the only nation-wide contest in Ukraine. For example, in Ternopil is holding a contest «Miss Ukraine», and in Dnepropetrovsk – “Ukrainian fairy.” But after Ukraine gained independence, there have been developments, get rid of the competition directorate of Kiev.
Through a special correspondent of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in London Sergei Matyas contacted the owner of “Miss World” by Eric Morley, and, after giving the required documents, photos and videos and get a license, which gives the right to choose the representative of Ukraine for participation in «Miss World». Soon received a license «Miss Universe» and «Miss Europe».
Two years later, Jan Mednikov leaves the National Center for festival and competition program “Ukrainian Krasun” because of disagreement over the registration of the new company, and Sergei Matyas for many years to become the most powerful man in the competitive business of Ukraine.
He begins to license the organizers of numerous city and regional beauty contests all over Ukraine, a founder and member of the jury, created a database of models. Change partners “Miss Ukraine”, the final show of the competition is held in Donetsk (1998), Dnepropetrovsk (1999), Odessa (2000), in 2001, the competition returned to the capital, and in 2004 – get permanent residence on the main stage of the country, to the palace “Ukraine “.
All this time, Matthias exert a lot of pressure – he almost single-handedly makes the decision about who will participate in the “Miss Ukraine”, and who will represent our country in international competitions beauties. Is covert struggle for international license in the U.S. and the UK reported numerous violations of the rules of beauty contest in Ukraine. But Matyas strengthens its position by registering its name copyrighted names and trademarks beauty contest in Ukraine. Today, he is the copyright owner of trademark “Miss Ukraine”, “Miss Kiev”, “Miss Crimea”, “Miss Western Ukraine” and many others with similar names.Miss World
In late 2002, the agency recorded models “Metropolitan Premier.” Its founders are Sergey Matyas, Ksenia Kuzmenko and Liliya Kuznetsova. Today Ex-model Lily Kuznetsova is the Chairman of the National Committee of “Miss Ukraine”. Sergei Matthias had to go into the shadows, content with the title of Honorary President of the competition. Unsinkable aircraft carrier was torpedoed by a competitive business … internet. Unlike conventional media and loyal journalists, the Internet not only to inform, but also stores information.
An opportunity to compare the words and deeds of the competition directorate, to assess the validity of the jury’s decision on the results of the post-contest winners, participants appeared statistics and awards, and more. A simple example: every Internet user can go to wikipedia.org site and learn the names of Ukrainian girls, representing our country at the prestigious international competitions, and then compare the found names with the winners of the contest “Miss Ukraine” for the relevant years. Thanks to the Internet there was a very big scandal in the history of the competition. In 2004, Internet sources on the eve of the competition told the name of the future Miss Ukraine, and the site “Ukraine crime” even offered to bet bookmakers. Despite the predictable consequences, the jury’s decision is unchanged, and the scandal has reached unprecedented proportions.
Two years later, Miss Ukraine-2001 Alessandro Nikolaenko became the official representative of “Miss Universe” in Ukraine and the director of the national contest “Miss Ukraine Universe”. After her brother had a similar operation Harfouch, held in Kiev national qualifying round and the contest “Miss Europe”.
In these conditions, the National Committee of the “Miss Ukraine” is trying to preserve and improve the tradition of the competition. Based on the regional directorate, “Miss Ukraine” holds the biggest selection of the participants, a colorful final show takes place on the big stage with a live broadcast on the TV channel “Inter”.
Since 2010, the organization of the contest Miss Ukraine engaged Ukrainian businessman Alexander Onishchenko, the founder of the International philanthropic organization TOP Ukraine.

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