“Miss Ukraine Universe – 2012” lucky in Las Vegas five suitcases and 25 images

Miss Ukraine 2012November 27 Anastasia Chernoff flew to America to take part in the preparations for the international final of “Miss Universe – 2012”.

Recall that it takes place on December 19 in Las Vegas. Responsible for such training in Ukrainian beauty was only a month, which was extremely small, so everything is done at high speed.

Now Anastasia parallel choreographing, acting and took lessons makeup – the fact that the paint during the contest, it will be your own.

Group stylists preparing for the “Miss Ukraine Universe – 2012” a decent wardrobe. This 25 everyday images, and for critical moments – 8 evening dresses. Final Dress Nasty creates U.S. designer Cheryl Hill. Attire is still in development, but we know that it will be orange.

In addition to clothing in the wardrobe of the contestants a lot of accessories and shoes. Our participant should not look Cinderella compared to other girls, according to the organizing committee. At the same time insisting on the fact that many of the democratic naryay brands.Miss Ukraine

On Thursday, Anastasia Chernoff presents journalists national dress, which she founded for her Ukrainian designer Anastasia Sukhanov. As a result, Anastasia arrives in the United States with five giant suitcases.

Upon arrival in America, our contestant comes from New York photo shoot, working with local choreographers and stylists, and then it will go to Las Vegas. There, he will meet with President of “Miss Ukraine Universe” Alexander Nikolayenko hold the final preparation stage before Nastya meet with other contestants.

Contestants will live in Las Vegas at the “Planet Hollywood.” According to the director of “Miss Ukraine Universe” Anna Filimonova, this year the competition is very strong line up, so our results depend on the fighting spirit Ukrainian.Miss Ukraine

– We are very well prepared Nastya – Anna Filimonov. – And if it psychologically stand, it all happens.

All who care about the result of Ukraine at the “Miss Universe” can vote for Anastasia Chernoff on the official website of the competition missuniverse.org. That beauty, to score the maximum number of voices on the Internet, automatically goes to the finals.

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