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russian girlNight clubs – is a phenomenon of the twentieth century.

Modern night clubs have gone from elite American jazz establishments 20 years of the twentieth century to the media industry, which is implementing the right of every citizen to actively quality rest and sleepless night. Today nightclub is difficult to imagine without a DJ and powerful light beams, night clubs in the world has developed its own concept of respectability. And it is based on tradition, reinforced by a long development time and the nightlife industry.

The first DJ experience was in 1906 – it was a radio broadcast tunes dedicated to the celebration of Christmas. This was the first synthesis of a festive mood and enjoyment of music, is born in front of the partiers – that today every citizen can get into a nightclub.

DJ club life as a phenomenon has received a powerful impetus to the development in the 30 years of the twentieth century, but then came the English word DJ. In those years, the DJ simply followed the work of a special machine that plays vinyl discs. Today DJ night club – is the iconic persona of urban nightlife and the center of gravity of the club life, the one who creates the club music and the tempo and rhythm of the party.

Vinyl records has become a symbol of the first night clubs, by the 40th years of the twentieth century, only ten years after the appearance of a DJ, live music was driven nightclub DJ experimenting with vinyl records. Night club attracted the visitors music to feel their mood and adjust to it. DJ club music made flexible and responsive to the mood of the visitors.

DJ has become an indispensable “conductor” night life, and his work – the quality standard nightclub. Today the post DJ in a nightclub is attractive and respectability that first DJ could not even imagine.

Dancing to the music produced from vinyl discs have become the norm clubbing closer to the 50th years of the twentieth century. At the same time, but not in America, and in Europe, in France, came to be called disco – night club, where the main thing – the music vinyl and dancing to it. Disco has become one of the most common types of club life in European and American cities, and contributed to the fact that on the basis of style and disco disco lifestyle, formed a new musical direction – disco.

Mix – an integral part of the club culture was the invention of the 60-ies of XX century. Then the DJ art is booming, and the technique works of music has been significantly improved. Club music has gone without a pause, a single stream, and new technical systems mix music allowed to be creative DJs. New phenomenon, its origins obligated nightclubs are charts

Mixes and charts have gone beyond the night club life and become a part of modern musical culture. The same can be said about the effects of music, such as scratches scratch – they are used outside of club music and become part of the urban music culture. American clubs were the first to open a school in which DJs and began to develop standards and trends in club music.

In the 80 years of night clubs opened in almost all cities of the world, there were club movement and the USSR. But here, as always, was the specificity. Traditionally, the holiday destination, dances and parties in Soviet society were the Culture and Youth Palace. The first dance floor in the Soviet Union was organized on this basis, there were the first Soviet disco.

No need to talk about the difference in the atmosphere of a nightclub, lit city lights and the Soviet House of Culture with a broken flooring in the ballroom. Not surprisingly, the night, and just music and dance life in Moscow and St. Petersburg will soon start to look for a club shape.

In Russia, the night clubs in a short time came all the way of development, they were in the world. The first night clubs were relatively elite, they could get far not. And they were intended for the public, which favors the rock or jazz music. Rock clubs are the most prestigious and well-known Soviet Club 80.

Clubs such as “Saigon” and “Square” has become the standard Soviet clubbing, club “square” in the changed format operates today. On the basis of the Youth Center on Vasilievsky Island emerged famous club “Tamta.” Yet the Soviet clubs 80 can not be called modern night club in the true sense of the word. Even in spite of the fact that some of them have managed to adapt to the conditions of the 90’s and survive in the year.

The first Soviet nightclubs approached disco format: they played pop music, the emphasis was on the dance floor and live performances of rock or jazz bands, the audience offered cocktail drinks. Live music was exactly what the audience wanted, visited the Soviet clubs. The highlight of these institutions were generally live music rock bands.

Start changing the club format in Russia was laid penetration DJ culture and mixing technologies in club music and life in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The first Soviet party, held by Western standards, the club was held in Leningrad in 1989. She played DJ, unwanted public sift face control, and free entrance was only for those who have received a special invitation.

It was the first DJ’s brought to the Russian clubbing club elements of Western culture and club music. From this moment begins the transformation of the Soviet specific nightclubs nightclub modern format. Night clubs have become a place of active rest and parties. Rest in a nightclub – a synthesis of music, dance, games, a particular style of each party. Modern club – this is not a place where people come to listen to music with your favorite friends. The club is open to new relationships, strong emotions and energy, and powerful experience.

That club culture in Russia freed dance from the framework of private parties for the fans, making it perhaps the most popular entertainment today, and one way to get out of life.

90 were the heyday of club life in Russia, when opened numerous clubs of different directions. The growing economy has increased the need of citizens to high-quality recreation and nightly entertainment.

Trendy night club with party status, which invites foreign DJs, have become a new trend in the development of clubbing capitals and major cities. The emergence of effective demand has led to the improvement of night clubs. Respectability style night club life, attention to the actual club music and modern DJ – all made the nightlife mecca for the young and trendy and all those who consider themselves to her.

Where else but in a nightclub fashionable young people can communicate with peers, because communication is the same advantage nightclub, as the euphoria of dance music and club drinks. Specifically for the public, with special interests to take small nightclubs small capacity. Getting into the mainstream of cultural trends, small clubs filled with young people and actively set lifestyle for many young citizens.

Each night club – a unique system that can offer entertainment for even the most sophisticated audience.

The modern industry nightlife – it is not only the production of active entertainment and nightlife person, but also a lifestyle for a whole generation of wealthy citizens.

Night clubs – is an area of ??freedom. Clubs such as “point”, “Territory”, “Zone”, “Four Rooms,” “Tunnel”, “Bunker», «Infinity», «Goa”, “Shambala”, “Chinese pilot” create a special space in Moscow night city, in which all possible feasible entertainment. Night clubs – is the emblem of the night life and an integral part of life and culture of the modern city and the citizen.

Modern night clubs in Moscow and St. Petersburg have reached a level of organization and professionalism in club party, they are on par with the best American and European clubs. A club projects DJs from Russia has repeatedly held high positions in the global dance charts.

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