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The best hotels in Ukraine! In Ukraine, named the 100 best hotels.

List of the 100 best hotels’ updated by almost a quarter, “which indicates good dynamics of the hotel industry in the Ukraine in 2012.

The Council of Tourism and Resorts of Ukraine made a list of “100 best hotels in Ukraine” in 2012, the presentation of which took place during the exhibition UITT i Hotel & Restaurant Expo in Kiev.

According to the organizers, the list of 100 best hotels “updated by almost a quarter,” which indicates good dynamics of the hotel industry in the Ukraine in 2012.

It is significant that in the golden hundred Ukrainian hotel industry this year include hotels, representing almost the entire range of hotel business – from large well-known international hotel chains (Best Western, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Fairmont, Four Points, Radisson, Ramada) to small hotels, which differ original concept and the quality of its implementation. Continue reading

LUX PARTY «Love is the first time …” with a charming group of «REAL O»

On Saturday, December 1, at the popular nightclub KaruseL club party was held, at which compellingly acted young Ukrainian pop group «REAL O».

Four energetic and stylish girls, as part of the LUX PARTY «Love at first time …”, so brought the audience with songs that shook the club scene just by dancing. Guests actively singing your favorite songs of the band – “dress”, “I still love you,” “Emergency,” “I’d …” “Go away”, as well as other songs, while beating time with their feet.
All who choose to spend the evening in KaruseL club, from the very first seconds of love in a very charming and sexy girls – Lina, Regina, Alina and Ian. Singer captivated the audience with their beauty, charisma, professionalism and unbridled energy!
The girls were delighted with the audience and thanked for their support. Continue reading

Miss Ukraine 2012

March 31 in the 22-th time the final of “Miss Ukraine-2012”.
The award ceremony was held for the first time at the National Opera of Ukraine.

For the first time, the show was held in the spring. Due to the fact that the winner of the national contest must submit an application to participate in the contest “Miss World” has until mid-April. Since for possession crown “Miss World” girls will compete in the great ghost town of Ordos Chinese province of Inner Mongolia in the middle of summer 2012.

First, the producer of the show was invited talented choreographer, director and producer known Lena Kolyadenko. Leitmotif final competition was chosen fashionable now in the world of ballet theme. That is more than justified in the theater of opera and ballet. The show was spectacular, modern and dynamic. Musical accompaniment to exit the contestants on stage were the great classics of the ballet “The Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake” and “Carmen.” Continue reading

How not to get acquainted in NightClubs

We are all young – beautiful and go to nightclubs. Someone is dancing the night away, sipping some cocktails at the bar, chatting with old friends, and someone familiar with the opposite sex. In general, relax, socialize, get to know.

Certainly, the eyes of men turned to women, women to men, so I would like to write about how not to meet girls in nightclubs, as most of the initiative comes from the men.

First, the most common man’s mistake – a “grandfather” methods. Well for the phrase “your mother-in-law is not needed?” Or “girl, and the girl, and told you that you’re beautiful?” In 99 cases out of 100 the girl answered “no” and “speak. Goodbye. ‘. It is better to start dating with the phrase “Girl, I’m so familiar with your face … Do not you I’ve seen on the cover of the last issue L’Officiel?» The girl smiles, she was flattered and start up a conversation. Continue reading

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