indigo nightclub

beautiful girlsWe proudly present INDIGO: supernova ambitious nightclub!

Indigo – a unique natural color for a brief moment in time horizon painted sunset and sunrise. It borders the night – the other side of reality. The color of time, when we discard the shackles of everyday life and surrender to his desires and emotions.

One of our main requirements – the need for the pleasures that make life truly fulfilling.

In Kiev, a new ultra-modern project, which opens once all faces legal pleasures: gourmet, aesthetic enjoyment of music, expression, communication with interesting people, gaining freedom and independence.

Friends INDIGO – ambitious nature that get the maximum possible out of life and strive for the impossible. Anticipating expectations, we have provided an unusual a detached four-level building area of ??1500 m 2 all: the aesthetics and style, convenience and comfort, the best technical equipment, design furniture and even objects of contemporary art. In our wonderful world everyone can find something that you want! Continue reading

GallerY nightclub

GallerY nightclubGallery club atmosphere filled with holiday fun and relaxation.

Best dance hits century incendiary hosts, beautiful girls, show program, European and Ukrainian cuisine, a bar, hookah comfortable interior!

Stylish furnishings 3 halls for 160, 180, 90 seats with original design solutions disco era.Comfortable sofas and 13 plasma televisions and video projectors
with the ability to view not only the video, TV and karaoke and live coverage of what is happening in the courtroom. Two spacious dance floor, professional sound and light emphasizes the unique dynamic atmosphere of the club.
Offered different room table for a banquet, the possibility of exhibiting scenes and additional equipment.
For your comfort room is equipped ovremennoy conditioning and ventilation.
Sushi menu and European cuisine with author finds happy new flavors and fully meet the expectations of even the most experienced visitor, and cocktail show with original presentation only complement the overall holiday extravaganza and all this at an affordable level of prices. Continue reading

Kharkiv chose the best nightclubs of the city.

Night Clubs“In the city” knew where the nightclubs lovers prefer to rest more often.

Completed voting, which chose Kharkiv best night clubs.
Of the many institutions the citizens chose that, in their opinion, deserve to be called “the best of the best.”
Let’s start with the night clubs, who scored the least number of votes – 2 to 4%: Dom Party bar, “Galaxy”, Panorama Lounge, “Paradise” (Holiday), “Tourbillon” and nightclubs “Belly.” All of these institutions, according to the results of voting, no particular attention, and therefore were at the last place in our ranking.
Next – the middle. This “pedestal” night clubs were “Bolero” and “Compass”. First because of a long-established reputation and leadership of Kharkov nightlife scored 12.26% of the vote, the second – only 6.13% of the vote, apparently because of the rather high price. Continue reading

The restaurant RK EGOIST

Entertainment complex EGOISTEntertainment complex EGOIST – a unique place where everyone will find something that will satisfy his ego.

Even the most demanding client waits sea of ??pleasant experiences, and unexpected surprises.

The restaurant RK EGOIST, you will find European cuisine with an emphasis on French and Italian dishes from our chef.

Wednesday to Sunday working for you watching sports events on big screens.

EGOIST NIGHT CLUB – the largest on the left bank of the European standard disco and the best night club on the Left Bank! DJ metropolitan TOP10 and invited guests from Europe! Animation, dance show, the incredible programs and competitions await you from Thursday to Monday in the relaxed and cozy disco club EGOIST. Continue reading

The best night clubs in Germany.

Nightclub Ego is a gem of entertainment venues in the vicinity of Hamburg.

Top Night Clubs

The road here is called the sinful mile, because along the way you will watch for a variety of sex shops and brothels. Not yielding to these provocations, you can get to one of the best nightclubs in the world by DjMag in 2011.
The total capacity of schools is 500. The atmosphere, as well as sound Ego sound with hints of minimalism. All this cocktail mixed such legendary DJs like: Soul Clap, tectonics guru Fritz Kalkbrenner, Anja Schneider, Alex Niggemann and DJ Hell. The internal design is intriguing only the light waves from the ceiling, which glisten like a rainbow. German Night club, no doubt, keeps the standards of nightlife in Berlin, but not much more. Face control is not picky, so you can safely carry out experiments with the clothing.
Alcohol lovers will enjoy quite affordable prices. Till late night DJ at the turntables and hang with people dancing provides a good atmosphere in the room. Beautiful and balanced people do not annoy regular acquaintances. On the second floor of the Ego regularly hosts exhibitions, but not always. If you intend to visit Hamburg, the night club Ego suitable as a quiet place where you can relax a little dance and to conquer other parts of Europe. Continue reading

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