“Miss Ukraine Universe – 2012” lucky in Las Vegas five suitcases and 25 images

Miss Ukraine 2012November 27 Anastasia Chernoff flew to America to take part in the preparations for the international final of “Miss Universe – 2012”.

Recall that it takes place on December 19 in Las Vegas. Responsible for such training in Ukrainian beauty was only a month, which was extremely small, so everything is done at high speed.

Now Anastasia parallel choreographing, acting and took lessons makeup – the fact that the paint during the contest, it will be your own.

Group stylists preparing for the “Miss Ukraine Universe – 2012” a decent wardrobe. This 25 everyday images, and for critical moments – 8 evening dresses. Final Dress Nasty creates U.S. designer Cheryl Hill. Attire is still in development, but we know that it will be orange.

In addition to clothing in the wardrobe of the contestants a lot of accessories and shoes. Our participant should not look Cinderella compared to other girls, according to the organizing committee. At the same time insisting on the fact that many of the democratic naryay brands. Continue reading

Poltava hotel “Palazzo” became part of Premier Hotels

HOTEL in UkraineIn a collection of luxury hotels in Ukraine “Premier Hotels” under control “Premier International” has another gem – Hotel “Palazzo” 4 * in Poltava.

“The emergence of a new hotel in the chain” Premier Hotels “in Poltava is a strategic step for the development of the company, and the company offers hotel chains” Premier International “, said Irina Siedlce, General Director of” Premier International. ” “First of all, this city is not only an important cultural and historical center, but also a major transportation hub in Ukraine, through which the Kyiv-Kharkiv International Highway M-22. Actively developing a tourist destination, the city attracts more and more people not only in Ukraine but also in Russia and other neighboring countries. Visiting a museum-reserve “The Poltava Battle” and places depicted in the “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”, guests can comfortably sit at the Palazzo Hotel Premier, one of the best hotels in the city, and in the restaurant you can taste the famous Poltava dumplings. So, with a new hotel in Poltava The guests are expanded geographically proposal upscale accommodation, they are used to in other Premier Hotels. Palazzo Premier Hotel will take its place in the network “Premier Hotels”. Continue reading

How to seduce a Russian girl in a night club tonight?

sexy russian girlsWhy do people go to nightclubs and bars?The most difficult question in the seduction – search. How to find a great accumulation of those Russian women who are interesting to young people who beautiful. In this sense, good clubs around the world perform this
function for you.

Expressed in business terms, is outsourcing search.
When arriving in another city or even another country, or in the own
home town you come to some place, and there was already a Russian
girls who are first to get the mood of emotional experience
communicate with you that are beautiful, that are well-dressed, well, or naked, which way you look.
This is the largest value that there  is . Russian girls came communicate itself to show a different look. It is this atmosphere beneficial to us if we want to entice new beautiful blonde.
When I asked how to get sex from a Russian girl on the first night came to the club, then I say that for this the club should just come. In my opinion no problem with it is not, and that this should be done on purpose, to tell me it is very difficult.   If you come to the club to do it with a Russian girl having sex, but not in order to celebrate a friend’s birthday or listen to a good DJ, you can give some advice. Continue reading

Role-playing game with a Russian girl: Sex in a night club

sexy  russian girlsSexual role-play with Russian girls – a great way to add zest to an intimate relationship. Such games are suitable for all ages – the main thing to have the desire and fantasy.

Do not reject sexual games, they will help to diversify the usual sex.
Everyone knows what a night club, but not all love to go there. But if this is not for you, then you can arrange a night club at home.

Role-play scenarios
1 plot

Need to select the best time when you can make noise in the apartment and no one will be calling and knocking on the door to behave quietly. Clear a space in the apartment for dancing, speakers assign to different corners of the room to create the effect of a dance hall. If there is a light-it needs to be adjusted. Continue reading

How to get acquainted with Russian girl in a nightclub

sexy russian girlsHow to get acquainted with Russian girl in a nightclub
Night clubs – some of the most common sites of acquaintances. Of course, met at a party, not always immediately determine what kind of relationship is possible with some Russian girl: in the evening or a lifetime.

In any case, it is an opportunity to spend time. Many Russian girls in nightclubs are friendly and open to communication. To get to know, do not spend hours walking around. Russian girl she too is free to come and get acquainted with the man. And this does not mean that she decided to get him his companions life. It is likely that she wants love and affection for one night. Continue reading

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