Role-playing game with a Russian girl: Sex in a night club

sexy  russian girlsSexual role-play with Russian girls – a great way to add zest to an intimate relationship. Such games are suitable for all ages – the main thing to have the desire and fantasy.

Do not reject sexual games, they will help to diversify the usual sex.
Everyone knows what a night club, but not all love to go there. But if this is not for you, then you can arrange a night club at home.

Role-play scenarios
1 plot

Need to select the best time when you can make noise in the apartment and no one will be calling and knocking on the door to behave quietly. Clear a space in the apartment for dancing, speakers assign to different corners of the room to create the effect of a dance hall. If there is a light-it needs to be adjusted.

In the corner of the room to put a small table with drinks (you alcoholic, non-alcoholic and you can, as you like), fruit or a light meal (better not load, not to lose the lightness in the body).

Russian girl can wear brief skirt, a small topic or tight pants and low-necked blouse. A guy can wear some tight pants or jeans, a light-fitting t-shirt or shirt to give an erotic look.
And now about the music …. It has to be selected on your taste. But remember, above all, the music must be such that stirred the imagination and was able to get and set to erotica.

2 story
If you want a realistic environment, you can go directly to the club apart. Then changes can develop on any consideration. Or bored Russian girl at the table, or on the contrary, out of touch, and light the Russian girl on the dance floor.
Start a normal conversation, common acquaintance. Then start dancing. We need to try as much as possible to move more erotic, but always in time with the music, regardless of slow or rhythmic composition. The dance partner to show his desire to gestures, emotions, most importantly, not words. Be passionate, gentle and affectionate.

The results of two subjects
Slow melody, strong arms around the waist of a Russian girl, bodies pressed against each other. Passion includes a hot body. After a passionate embrace and gentle kisses on the neck can be alone somewhere in a dark corner of the hall and to surrender power of passion and love. Or go to a hotel room.
You may want to make sex play at the ball. But that’s another story.

Bring the girl in the club: the main rules.
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