The best night clubs in Germany.

Nightclub Ego is a gem of entertainment venues in the vicinity of Hamburg.

Top Night Clubs

The road here is called the sinful mile, because along the way you will watch for a variety of sex shops and brothels. Not yielding to these provocations, you can get to one of the best nightclubs in the world by DjMag in 2011.
The total capacity of schools is 500. The atmosphere, as well as sound Ego sound with hints of minimalism. All this cocktail mixed such legendary DJs like: Soul Clap, tectonics guru Fritz Kalkbrenner, Anja Schneider, Alex Niggemann and DJ Hell. The internal design is intriguing only the light waves from the ceiling, which glisten like a rainbow. German Night club, no doubt, keeps the standards of nightlife in Berlin, but not much more. Face control is not picky, so you can safely carry out experiments with the clothing.
Alcohol lovers will enjoy quite affordable prices. Till late night DJ at the turntables and hang with people dancing provides a good atmosphere in the room. Beautiful and balanced people do not annoy regular acquaintances. On the second floor of the Ego regularly hosts exhibitions, but not always. If you intend to visit Hamburg, the night club Ego suitable as a quiet place where you can relax a little dance and to conquer other parts of Europe.

Imagine a nightclub after a long dance movement can sit back and watch as the sun rises over the metropolis. Imagine for a moment a club where the sound is so loud and clear that it is impossible to believe. Imagine a night club where even each wall moves in rhythm with you. So – this is WaterGate, the best club in the world and Berlin.Top Night Clubs
Institution built on the banks of the River Spree in several levels. Is made in the style of the club and a minimalist cube design. In general, this place draws two features: LED ceiling and a view from the ground floor of the river.
The first level is associated with a twenty meter lounge area with large ceiling windows from which you can watch an amazing picture – the old bridge over the river Spree Oberbaumbrücke. This place is perfect to relax, sipping a good cocktail and thinking about the things. For those who love the fresh air, the windows can reveal themselves. Apart from these two floors, the night club has its own terrace, where you can watch the night sky of Berlin. The lower level is 400, here you can find a small dance floor and an elegant bar.
The upper level accommodates up to 200 people more. At his disposal are a bar and sofas. A little earlier, we noted that the feature is WaterGate LED ceiling. So this technical device was installed by specialists Room Division. All LEDs fantastic versicolor, it feels a rainbow ceiling, divided into smaller elements swirling around you. To ensure that this amazing picture was more lively, the following special VJ, skillfully “juggling” light tricks.
Watergate club mainly plays techno and house music. Sets last for more than twelve hours with one DJ. For consoles typically seen Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Bookashade and Digitalism. In addition there are often DJs from around the world, mostly on Fridays. A couple of times a week you can get to the live shows. And if you like the night sets, nightclub Watergate has its own record label, and you can carry a hear tracks on the disc. Facecontrol the club election. Only by long queues of clubbers can understand where the Watergate. Be sure to memorize who played at the club, and on what day. So be careful and do not hesitate, and then you will not be allowed. Still there are nuances in the club when too many girls or guys. People with face control are not evil, but the “extra” screen out.
Make a statement a few years ago, the night club gained a reputation as Watergate’s most famous club in Berlin, which copies worldwide. But to convey the atmosphere and energy of simple transfer of design possible. Do not miss your chance to feel all the energy and nightlife only in the best club of the world Watergate.
Night club Berghain, which now tend to get techno fans from around the world, was built on the site of other famous institutions Ostgut, famous for bad reputation. Top Night Clubs2By winter 2003, while Ostgut functioned gathered here fetishists and staged an orgy in the so-called “dark room.” All these naughty party lasted until 2004. But now, his mystique, after many years, this club has not lost.
Shooting inside the entertainment venue is prohibited. This small nuance can create an image of one of the most mysterious places in the nightlife industry. Maybe it was good, because it is better to experience the unique atmosphere of the dance floor to themselves than to enjoy other people’s experiences. Club Berghain is a two-story building: on the first level, you can enjoy your own institution and its excellent technology, and on the second level you have already met Panorama Bar – Corner house connoisseurs. In the hands of Berlin’s nightlife, you risk is to forget, because of the DJ’s music marathon you just burn up mentally and physically. Add to this the numerous cracks and hidden corners, through which you can perfectly observe that modest Clubbers not get up this institution, and you will finally understand the paradise of debauchery and forbidden pleasures around you. With the coming of dawn Berghain shutters open and let in the sun’s rays into the territory of fun and drive of the night.
According to DJ Jesse Rose, the German night club Berghain for him – the best of the nightlife, as its managers do not try to bring in top-100, as many of my colleagues in the business. There is no vip-zone crazy mirrored ceilings in the bathrooms and expensive cocktails, but you’ll be always presented excellent tracks and fiery people.

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