Why do we go to a nightclub?

night clubHave you ever thought about what really makes you go to a club.

The reasons for this are different for each party-goer. Initial desire to relax and dance for a long time has progressed, but for someone regressed hundreds of themes and motifs. Definitely, one goes to the club for his own, everyone is looking for something for yourself.

Trying to understand the root cause of why I go to the club you can find something special about the self. Trying to analyze the reasons, to study himself, you know a lot, you can see what past and attention, it is not paid.

Many visitors nightlife goes to clubs, paying tribute to fashion. In our time, the media in popularizing the whole night life and club culture, youth television programs teach the younger generation: “Go to a club that’s cool …”, thus helping the club bosses to make money. Rather, it is a conspiracy by the government, which is trying to make a drunkard and corrupt the youth by facilitating in this way the manipulation of their minds. Movies also said club scenes. Logs are made from DJ gods and idols.

To be closer to this model to fit all the stereotypes and clichés, young people go to the club without even realizing what she is doing, but only obeying universal psychosis. In fact, nothing wrong with that. This time forwarding is better than walking through the cellars so dumps. But all’s well that measure. Very often, these club party serious harm young life. Case is fairly common. Youthful life has not been canceled yet, that walks young unconscious or orientation. In the neighboring state (it is the Ukraine) it solved the problem of children and youth of debauchery is very easy – just declared a curfew. If a child under 17 years old will notice on the street after 11 pm, he is reprimanded, and parents penalty for carelessness and negligence. More – more. The clubs will be walking police patrols and check the documents of clubbers. This is not a joke. Result, of course, a radical, but in a situation with a headless our youth – effective.

The rest of clubbers who know what they are going to the club can be divided into several groups. The smallest of them – is the ideological clubbers. People who know who this evening playing in a club, what music will sound, which import organize the next time. These are educated (at least at club level), young people are not inclined to pathos and glamor and prefer quality, not silly kitsch. Such people are often found in clubs Xlib, Heaven and Cinema (in the latter, they appear less frequently, as it flooded). It is this layer of party promoters to stimulate quality parties, they should dictate the rules of the game, they need to be leveled.

The next group – a rest. These people go to the club in order to listen to music and dance. Club poster they look extremely rare, only interested in popular music (that is played on online radio stations), but the choice of the club are guided by its convenient location (close to home or subway) and pricing. This is one of the most numerous groups, harmless and homely, but landing in the correct e-mail quickly grow and develop to the “ideological clubbers.”

The group, which basically puts his traps club bigwigs – “Gold and steep.” In the club come to identify themselves, even walk his “Russian girls”, drink, eat and show everyone what they’re cool. Basically profit club bring such men. Occur among them rich. These are mostly guided by the same goals, but sometimes love of being a “ideological.”

There are a group of clubbers – Pickup. It consists of boys and girls and Russian. The club makes them want to go quickly and easily find a sexual partner for the night. The club sets up the atmosphere for sex – twilight, the proximity of hot bodies on the dance floor, relaxing music – a paradise for sex agents.

As it becomes clear, very few party-goers come to the club, deliberately and soberly aware of why they came there and what it will do.

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Why do we go to a nightclub?
Have you ever thought about what really makes you go to a club. The reasons for this are different for each party-goer. Initial desire to relax and dance for a long time has progressed, but for…